Anica Douglass


Hi there! I'm Anica.


I specialize in (happily and efficiently) producing for commercial design and editorial content. A hard working production professional & creative thinker here to make sure your content is created with a whole lotta love.

Iā€™m currently a Creative Producer on the Creative Studio team at Netflix, in Los Angeles. Previously I was a producer for Mill+, the creative content arm of The Mill. Prior to that, I cut my teeth on the small but mighty production team at Buck, where my love and appreciation for design and all things quirky-cool was really solidified.

I also run the Los Angeles Pug Meet Up :)

Hats I've been known to wear:

Project manager, art director, creative vision protector, budget negotiator, confusing feedback interpreter, problem solver, asset wrangler, conflict resolution-er, schedule keeper, impressive email crafter, la croix provider, team player.